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Lo que esta sucediendo siempre es neutro, tanto en una situación adversa como en la favorable. Si lo descubro, espontáneamente se produce un desapego de ambas polaridades. El desapego solo se produce como consecuencia de darnos cuenta. No puedo tratar de estar desapegado a base de voluntad. La voluntad afín de cuentas, sólo es un impulso para conseguir los deseos, es la fuerza personal. La ambición y la voluntad son creados por el deseo, y el deseo esta ahí por la limitación, por error de creer que somos lo que no somos: un cuerpo, una historia separado de lo demás, una parte a la cual se enfrentan otras partes. Si somos Presencia Biodinámica no hay nada fuera de ella. A qué se puede estar apegado?

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workshops Biodynamic Presence® in in North American, N.Y

 March 10th - 15th, 2013
Tuition $500  Lodging and Meals $450 (double occupancy) At The Full Moon Resort.
Valley View Road, Big Indian, NY 12410  Space is limited.  
Use  to send $200 to  to reserve.
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* The Blessing of InsecurityThis is the title of a series of workshops.  The blessing of Insecurity is the first of them.

*They are designed to improve our skill of listening to the story our bodies tell.

*I propose a journey that has nothing to do with becoming something or someone, it has to do with not becoming what we are not and to stop deceiving ourselves.

*The process is a paradox for we end where we have always been, we just perceive in a way that is in accordance to life and does not separate you from yourself in any way.

*And, the amazing part is that when we don’t separate ourselves from who we are, we find a tremendous energy that was utilized to keep alive our life story not digested (traumas)

 Biodynamic Presence®

I invite you to a journey I call Practice.  You need to be willing to travel enjoying the scenery, otherwise, the winds of habit maintain the door closed, shutting all possibility of expansion.  Simply, trust where the road takes you without a destiny to get to.  If there is a place you desire or expect to get to, then you are limiting the journey.  I name this trust the Blessing of Insecurity I and II.  If you accept the invitation, I will walk the road besides you, in a shared practice, towards a place you have already been to.   We can call it Stillness, which is at the centre without separation.
When we meet at a deep level with another being, often we feel inadequate and want to disconnect.  Often times, its very difficult for us to stay with someone else’s pain and we offer suggestions.  When in reality, what that person needs is to be deeply listened to.  It becomes very difficult to just sit with an open consciousness without trying to improve the person’s situation.  However, if we really analyze the situation, what we really look for to alleviate is the pain that comes up in us when we hear the other person’s story, because it’s also our story.  We will work on this challenge.
How can I really know what another person feels?  I can be aware of how things resonate.  But then, a thought of not being enough comes up.  I need to study more, probably take another course.  Have you ever had this thought?  To me, this sounds like a bottomless pit.  We cannot find security in knowledge unless we can know it all!  There is another thought I would like to add to this…
“All knowledge is, by definition, a limitation”
Profound work is done in synergy.  If we continue needing to know what we need, then, whatever we get will be limited by our knowledge.  If somehow we are able to get out of the way and rest in the quietude, then, there is space for the entire story, and Intelligence itself does the work.   We should not confuse our intellect, which is limited with Intelligence, which is infinite.
As we move into the week, we will talk about stillness/quietude, intelligence and how to get out of the way.  We will talk of Being and of not doing.  We will see how not doing does not mean being inactive or disconnected but rather being profoundly aware without intentions.
The purpose of the work on the massage tables is to reveal who I really am thru my contact with the other.
My job is not to say how you should be, but rather say what you are doing.
This road certainly opens up possibilities beyond the reach of the intellect.  All that I have said insinuates an audacious thought that if to know and to do are not enough, then what else is there to do?  And, the answer I suggest is to Be.  Trust the Intelligence and not the intellect.
Why are we not trying to get rid of Insecurity all together?  All growth, by definition, is within the unknown.  Let’s make an allied out of insecurity so we can work with it.  If we know where we are going, then, there is nothing new and we will be spinning on the same spot.
“There is a road of movement in this uncertain world…with an open mind closed to answers, find the way walking…” (LAO TZU).
We do not need to know what we should do.  We only need to go on with the next question and move deeper into us.
What is that deeper level and how do we access it?  We have been born into physical bodies.  Let’s reside in them, in the very present moment.
In spite of hundreds of years of conditioning and programming, can we remember that we are beings and let go of human doing? Perhaps, below all this, lies the truth that authentic healing can only happen when we are completely listened to in a profound level of being.  Let’s work towards that.

Carles was born in Valencia in 1962.  He studied Osteopathy in several schools: Afir Direma (France), Acon College (Germany) and Acta (Santander, Spain).  He was also trained as a craneosacral therapist in the European Craneosacral School.  During the last 20 years, Carles has been dedicated to learning, practicing and teaching the most spiritual aspect of osteopathy, he calls Biodynamic Presence. Always moving towards Stillness, to a level of presence where the contact is with being and not doing. “If we come into contact with the other being while staying in touch with ourselves, the other can remember who he really is.”

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El estado de quietud se caracteriza por la ausencia de objeto, pero él mismo es todavía un objeto de la percepción. Cuando has disciplinado tu cuerpo y tu mente por medio de un camino progresivo en una relación sujeto-objeto,  imposible llegar a ser capaz de conocerte a ti mismo sin objetos. El estado de quietud es lo máximo que puedes alcanzar. En consecuencia, no enfatices el objeto, ningún objeto. Todos los estados, sentimientos y sensaciones son objetos que te mantienen en la limitación, no importa lo sutiles o agradables sean.Son golosinas para el ego, eso es todo. El cuerpo está ahí, la mente está ahí, pero cuando tú eres el que percibe se despliegan y apuntan directamente a tu realidad, a su origen la    QUIETUD.

en esta entrada querría invitaros a poder ayudarme a esparcir el trabajo, es posible que estéis cansados de cursos y charlas que solo quedan en conceptos, el trabajo que ofrezco es único, no por ser mas que los demás es por ser menos, no hay nada que aprender solo dejar de estar en guerra con uno mismo, la vida es fácil cuando uno sabe quien es.

hace tres días tuve una conversación con una amiga que recibió vario de mis cursos, ella comentaba estar muy preocupada por como esta España y el mundo en general comentaba que no le veía salida y me pregunto que opinaba y le dije confía, se que no le sirvió de mucho, ella tiene que dejar la guerra dentro de ella y España y el mundo empezaran a mejorar.

os dejo donde se realizarán los próximos seminarios:

EN México  del 30 de octubre al 4 de noviembre y del 6 al 11 denoviembre 
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EN Granada ESPAÑA  del 9 al 14 de Diciembre.
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EN Vigo España del 17 al 20 de enero
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EN cordoba Argentina del 13 al 18 de febrero 2013
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EN Nueva York  EE.UU del 10 al 15 de marzo.
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si crees tener un grupo de gente interesada en el trabajo no dudes en ponerte en contacto es mucho mas facil desplezarme yo que 10 o 15 personas.